How Much Of Testosterone Makes A Man?

Testosterone is a vital male hormone developed in the testes. It has been made available as a medical therapy since the 1930s. There has been a dramatic growth in the testosterone usage in been in recent years, and the increment of men who visit their physician has been from a ratio of 55% from a 1.2 million in 2009 to a 1.9 million in 2013 to have discussions on testosterone therapy. This means that there has been a 10-fold increase in testosterone prescriptions in the USA alone. This rise is caused due to the various awareness created by medical symptoms that are associated with testosterone. However, do note that sky-high use of testosterone therapy is also a consequence of aggressive advertising that states and promotes as being the ‘fountain of youth’ myth regarding the testosterone use.

Testosterone Production Rate

High levels of testosterone have the controversies swirled in recent years with regards to the safety of getting testosterone therapy done. It is said to cause prostate cancer and heart diseases. Thus with these contrasting extremes rampant that testosterone hormone is responsible for killing as well as provide you with a long life, which confuses many men as they do not know exactly how much of testosterone makes a man?

The Low Testosterone Issue:

Testosterone deficiency is also known as hypogonadism in scientific terminology. The vital functions of testicles are producing and testosterone production. Hypogonadism is a depletion in one or both of these actions. The common term ‘Low T’ is a massive oversimplification of something that may lead to a complex array of endocrine dysfunctions of brain biochemistry that are responsible for activating the testicles to work. This leads to causing testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone is essential with regards to men and them performing their daily activities. Lack of testosterone can result in a variety of different symptoms. Reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, mood depression and reduced muscle mass are the most common symptoms of lack of testosterone. As per research, testosterone deficiency is associated with some significant health issues. These are diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and also bone fractures.

Low Testosterone Issues

Men who are of the age of 80 have testosterone values that are one-half to one-third of those present in men of age 20. It is still a controversy under the medical guidelines as to whether testosterone loss which is caused due to the aging effect if it should be treated. However, most of the clinical experts agree and are of the opinion that this issue requires treatment. Diabetic men are prone to have low levels of testosterone, and also in cases where one leads a sedentary lifestyle or is obese, this is known to be related to low testosterone levels directly.

It is an important point to understand that low testosterone levels are linked to obesity and self-care. By paying extra care and attention to your body, you can reverse this situation and promote the testosterone levels in the body. Begin a daily routine of exercising and maintain a proper diet. This will help you improve testosterone levels in the body. Maintaining a healthy life promotes your overall health and fitness levels. The natural process of aging tends to deplete the levels of testosterone in the body. At that point of time, you may visit your physician of check on various testosterone boosters to help you tackle this issue.